Sunday, August 20, 2023

Caprese Salad Pasta

If you're like me, and can't get enough of garden fresh tomatoes, this recipe is for you. It's tastes like summer on a plate -- like a caprese salad, but with pasta. This is a recipe for those hot days when you don't feel like eating anything with a heavy sauce, but still want your pasta. The only cooking involved is in boiling the pasta. The sauce is made from raw tomatoes that are marinated with salt, pepper, garlic, basil  and olive oil. While the tomatoes are marinating, you can start boiling the pasta. Make sure you have the mozzarella cubed and ready to go when the pasta is boiling.

Place the hot, drained pasta in the bowl with the tomato mixture and add the mozzarella. Toss everything together and the mozzarella will start to soften and slightly melt. It doesn't get much easier than this -- or tastier. Don't try this with supermarket tomatoes. You must use tomatoes perfectly ripe from the garden. I'm not sure why, but our tomatoes from the garden this year have been abundant, more flavorful and juicier than ever -- just perfect for this dish of caprese salad pasta.
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Caprese Salad Pasta

2 cups garden fresh tomatoes, cut into small pieces (I removed the seeds from some of the tomatoes)
1/2 cup olive oil
ample salt, pepper to taste
1 small clove garlic, minced
a good amount of basil, minced
1 cup fresh mozzarella cheese, cubed and at room temperature
1/2 lb. ziti or other pasta
parmesan cheese, optional

Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and place them in a bowl to marinate for at least 15 minutes with the olive oil, salt, pepper and basil.
Boil the pasta and drain, then add to the bowl with the tomatoes and quickly add the mozzarella cheese, mixing everything well. 
Serve immediately. 
Sprinkle with parmesan cheese (optional).


  1. Beautiful! I can’t get enough of these ingredients!

  2. A wonderful dish to make with our fresh garden tomatoes! Vinny will enjoy it, PS I love your personalized bowl!