Saturday, April 25, 2009

Close Encounters of the Blogger Kind

I had my first "blogger blind date" yesterday. Sue from "Rue Mouffetard" found my blog a few weeks ago through her fellow blogger friend Joyce from "Flour Power." Sue, who lives in Atlanta, wrote that she would be traveling to Princeton, New Jersey to cat-sit while her daughter and family cavorted in Italy.
"Princeton? That's where I live." I wrote to her.
Naturally we had to meet and yesterday was the day.

Sue arrived at my house toting a gift bag. Inside was a cellophane bag filled with beautifully made biscotti scented with anise and studded with chocolate. When she handed it to me saying "I made you some biscotti," right away I smiled to myself.

Why? Because I had a gift bag for her too, filled with guess what? A cellophane bag containing biscotti I had made for her. Were we on the same wave length or what? Mine were almond and cranberry biscotti, a recipe I've posted before, but this time I added some grated lemon rind.

The weather cooperated wonderfully and we were able to enjoy a delicious lunch al fresco in downtown Princeton, followed by a short walk to "The Bent Spoon," an artisanal gelateria. (Well we did more than walk, we indulged in some of the gelato as well. Here's a shot of Sue enjoying some coffee and cookie gelato.)

It was great fun meeting Sue and learning all about her family, her interests and her blog. I will be savoring her delicious biscotti and thinking of her until they all disappear. Even after they're gone however, I'll be able to enjoy them any time I want by following the recipe she posted on her blog for them.
And now you will too.
Click here for her chocolate chip anise biscotti recipe.


  1. You should've called me!
    I would've loved to meet you girls.
    I was at the Bent Spoon on Thursday and tried the ginger cardamom....unreal!

  2. You're so lucky you got to meet her! There are some many bloggers I would love to meet, but I live for far away from everyone! It sounds like you ladies had fun, and I'm glad you had biscotti to keep savouring the memories!

  3. Hi Linda....I had better then a great time yesterday....I'm still talking about you terrific are blogs that can connect you to strangers that you have so much in common with...people that you never would have met in a million years...And then to have a "Biscotti Throwdown" to boot...Yours were fabulous...I liked how thin they were sliced...much better to eat much more...The bag is almost gone..I am going to cut mine like that next time I make them...I also enjoyed meeting your husband and beautiful daughter...I hope the daughters can meet one day and I hope to see you soon...Sue.

  4. Ah!!! The Bent Spoon makes me homesick. We may have to have a close encounter of the blogger kind ourselves when I am home in Princeton next!

  5. How exciting to meet a blogging friend! Linda from Cucina Cara Mia and I have hooked up and at our first meeting we both showed up with a cookbook for each other!