Monday, March 23, 2009

Chocolate Bark

This is so good and astonishingly easy to make, it's a wonder I don't make this more often.

(Just a second while I loosen the buttons on my waistband.)

Oh yea, that's why I don't make it more often.

It does make a quick and beautiful gift for any occasion though.

Use a good quality chocolate, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be expensive. I recently discovered a delicious bittersweet chocolate at Trader Joe's that's a real bargain. It's called "Pound Plus," because it weights 17.6 ounces, and it costs only $3.99. You can use milk chocolate if you prefer, or even white chocolate if you're so inclined. I sprinkled chopped-up apricots, dried cranberries and almonds on top, but the choice is limited only by your imagination. I added a bit of orange oil to the chocolate to give it a more complex flavor, but that's completely optional.

The recipe is this easy:

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Melt chocolate on top of a double boiler and add a quarter teaspoon of orange oil (NOT orange extract). Spread with a spatula over the parchment. Gently press chopped almonds, apricots and dried cranberries on the surface. Place in a cool room or in the refrigerator until chocolate has hardened. Cut into chunks with a heavy knife.


  1. you know me so well.
    This is a Stacey "snack" all the way.
    I made a panforte at Christmas time and this reminds of that.
    Anything with chocolate and nuts is my friend!

  2. This looks like a picture. I had to read fast to see how you make it. Wonderful.

  3. I love the big chocolate bars at Trader Joe's! This looks beautiful.

  4. I'm a nutaholic, this would be very dangerous in my house, but in an extremely good way!!

  5. And it is so pretty too!

  6. Wow Linda, this is sinfully good. I want to make this one too.

  7. I love the ingredients in this chocolate bar.. and how easy! Thanks for sharing it..