Saturday, February 7, 2009

Endive Stuffed with blood oranges, goat cheese and candied walnuts

There once was a woman from Princeton
Who ate too much brie cheese and Stilton.
The time had drawn near
For a purge - it was clear.
Or else jog each day for a long run.

Ban cheese from her diet she could not
So she just tried to eat not a whole lot.
It was always a strain,
She'd be wracking her brain.
All this dieting is just so much bad rot!

Then "Cooking Light" printed this good one.
Which she made with delight - it was so fun!
Candied walnuts, goat cheese
And blood oranges, jeez!
In a recipe that's a real home run.

The walnuts are sugared, I know this
But you can use plain. (Oh yea, boo hiss.)
Either way it's tastes great
And looks nice on the plate.
So serve to your guests dear, you can't miss.

OK, so Robert Frost I'm not. Here's the important part - the recipe:

Endive leaves
goat cheese
blood orange sections (or regular orange sections or even canned mandarin orange sections)
candied walnuts (purchased or home made)
balsamic vinegar reduction (see below)
chopped chives

Separate endive leaves. Break up goat cheese into bits and put a little inside each endive leaf. Next take some candied walnuts broken into bits and blood orange sections and place inside endive leaves. Drizzle with a balsamic vinegar reduction (take some balsamic vinegar - about 1/2 cup - add 2 T. honey and cook until reduced and syrupy) Sprinkle chopped chives over all and serve.


  1. Oh Linda, What a pretty platter. Love the stuffed endive, and it won't even get me fatter! lol, you like my poem??

  2. Marie - You really gave me a smile when I woke up this morning.

  3. Beautiful and a fun poem too!
    Oh and Congrats on your win.

  4. I love your poem, and I always lose weight with cheese in my diet.
    Dairy is the best thing for diets, as long as you don't scoop the ricotta cheese out of the bowl and lick it all day!

    I am a big fan of endive as appetizers, they are so versatile and pretty.
    Your platter is beautiful.

  5. Love everything in this salad/appetizer.

  6. Cute poem! This looks so good, those blood oranges really make this dish stand out.