Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Brother Joe

How do you say goodbye to your last sibling after you've already lost a brother and sister? 

How do you say goodbye to the big brother who held your hand from the time your were little and was always there for anyone in need?

How do you say goodbye to the little boy born in Italy, who easily adapted to life in the United States from the age of four, to become a college graduate, a successful businessman and community volunteer? 

 How do you say goodbye to the handsome sailor who served his adopted country proudly, and whose little sister still has all the bracelet charms he brought home to her from his tours of duty all over the world?

How do you say goodbye to the brother born on the eponymous St. Joseph's day, who cherished his Italian ancestry and his family in Italy and the U.S.?

How do you say goodbye to the man who loved spending time outdoors in nature or with family, including the large group of cousins to whom he always stayed close?

How do you say goodbye to the man who was never happier than when he became a grandfather, to his beloved Emilia?

How do you say goodbye? 

You say it with a heavy heart and with sadness, but with the knowledge that he made the world a better place just by example.

 You say it with love for the years you were lucky enough to have him as a brother, and the knowledge that his suffering is finally over.

Ciao, ciao, carissimo fratello. 

May God keep you in his embrace.

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