Monday, June 11, 2012

Missing Italy

I've been back for only a few days and I'm already missing all the places I visited in Italy -- from the mountains of Abruzzo ... to the beaches of Anzio...

From Rome's well-known tourist sites...

to some hidden gems shown to me by a curator friend at the Palazzo Barberini... 

From working with a serious but fun-loving group of writers at the "Italy, In Other Words" workshop...

To shopping time with them at the ceramics town of Castelli...

From the dazzling mosaics at Santa Maria in Trastevere of Christ the shepherd and his sheep...

To an encounter along the ancient sheep trails in Abruzzo with a modern-day shepherd and his dogs tending his flock...

From all the kitsch-y souvenirs along the streets of Rome...

To looking for real treasures in the city's antique shops...

From a concert with the fabulous Abruzzese folk musicians DisCanto...

To the incomparable Riccardo Muti conducting Attila at Rome's Opera House...

From my rustic room at Sextantio that still looked as it did in the middle ages:

To the beautiful patio of my blissfully quiet Rome hotel room.

From churches in far-flung places...

To participating in mass from behind the altar at St. Pietro in Vincoli, seated in a choir stall with a view of Michaelangelo's "Moses."

From the wonderful food I ate - cooking with Fabio in his Rome palazzo:

To watching Liliana make her spaghetti alla chitarra in Santo Stefano di Sessanio:

From pizza:

to pasta...

to meat...

to fish:


and gelato too:

....How could I not still be longing to be back in this beautiful country and the people I spent time with in the last few weeks? Once I'm caught up with things on the home front, be on the lookout for future posts about recipes, sights and sounds I encountered during the last few weeks -- and a giveaway too. Stay tuned .... 

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  1. So my heart ached and leapt when I saw the photos. And you had a gentleman n your workshop! Welcome home. Looking forward to the posts.

  2. What amazing photos! What a wonderful trip this must have been...I enjoy these posts so much!

  3. Claudia - We actually had three men in the workshop - the photo doesn't show everyone. They were a great addition to this year's group.

  4. Beautiful landscapes and gorgeous food! Impossible not to miss that.



  5. Welcome home dear Linda, I've been missing you, can't wait to see your upcoming posts, sounds like you had a wonderful and inspiring trip!

  6. Having visited who could not miss Italy? Your travelogue had me yearning to return. I look forward to your future posts.

  7. beautiful images of Italy, a beautiful blog :-))

  8. Just gorgeous photos and the food looks wonderful of course!

  9. Oh Linda, what a wonderful collection of "postcards" from Italy. Thanks you so much for sharing them. I bet the workship terrific. Of course, I am drawn to la chitarra - perhaps my favorite kitchen tool. And the shepherd - just imagine his days on the transumanza and the ancient walk he takes. I think of my grandfather, and the beauty brings a tear to my eye. Abruzzo is "the forgotten Italy', but I bet that too will change. Just as Puglia has, over the last few years, become "the" vacation destination, so will Abruzzo. I await more photographs.

  10. Linda, I forgot to ask - who sang Attila? My fave was always Samuel Ramey, what a voice. And isn't Maestro Muti a thrill with Verdi? Oh my - it's enough to make a girl swoon.

  11. Love this photojournal, Linda. We used to take trips to Castelli when I was a kid. My mom would stuff our suitcases with ceramics, wrapping our clothes around them to pad them for the journey back to the US. She still has beautiful platters she purchased on those trips hanging on the walls in her dining room and living room. I am heading to Abruzzo and Puglia this summer and I can't wait. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  12. What a beautiful and breathtaking post, Linda. thank you!

  13. Lovely post Linda, impossible not to miss that! What is the hotel in Rome with that delicious patio?have a good day, a hug...

  14. Looks like you had a great time. Love that fireplace!

    We have those sheep dogs here. (Forgotten their name.) They are amazing. The shepherd just leaves them all day long and they look after the sheep alone. They do not move - hardly twich their noses - until the shepherd goes back at night to pick them up. So impressed!

  15. I so hope this is an annual workshop . . .next year, I'm going!

  16. Adri - Yes it was hard to keep my eyes on the opera since I was seated three rows behind Muti at an angle where I could see all his facial and hand movements. He is a master!!! Attila was sung by Ildar Abdrazakov.
    Chiara - The hotel in Rome was the Ponte Sisto - a bit expensive, but very well located and with a most civilized outdoor patio away from all the noise of the city.

  17. Ahhhhh...such glorious photos and memories, Linda! I'm so happy to see the classes were a success and that you had time ti enjoy the sights and food of Italy in between. The photo of the bougainvillea flowing from the flower boxes of the hotel in Rome was amazing, but the photos of the rural parts of Abruzzo made my heart leap!

  18. Oh how wonderful! Your photos excite me so much. It's 3 months and 1 week (who's counting?) before we leave for 3 weeks in Italy. I hope I can capture and experience even part of what you have!

  19. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

    nonostante io sia italiana, guardare il mio paese attraverso gli occhi di uno straniero è sempre veramente emozionante. Traspare il tuo amore, che è grande, sincero e questo mette tanta gioia. Ti abbraccio carissima, Pat

  21. I feel your pain! Thank you for all the great photos and I can't wait to hear more.

  22. What beautiful photos you have to trigger memories of a very special time and place. I am looking forward to all that you will be sharing with us. Welcome home. Hugs and blessings...Mary

  23. Dear Linda, Beautiful pictures and memories. Blessings, Catherine xo

  24. I loved every single photo, Linda. No wonder you are ready to return to Italy. Looking forward to more.

  25. I find always weird the fact that again and again I realize I live in a very beautiful country when I see it through others' eyes.... thanks for reminding me once more.