Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Banana Cake

June 2010 405 It’s been a while since I posted a cake recipe, mostly because it’s been too hot to turn on the oven and there are so many flavorful summer fruits to enjoy. But I made this one a while back, froze it and pulled it out to serve on Father’s Day. It survived the deep chill very well, and just needed a slather of icing and some “fancifying” to dress it up.

June 2010 381 The recipe comes from Winos and Foodies, but I added frosting and some chopped walnuts to the sides, as well as a decorative circle of dried bananas in the center. Ice cream optional.

Speaking of decorative, look what’s been frequenting my back yard lately. The hydrangea bushes flowered abundantly this year, and what I think are swallowtail butterflies seem to be enjoying the blossoms.


Recipe from Winos and Foodies

printable recipe here

(The recipe has amounts in weight, rather than cups, etc. If you don’t already have a kitchen scale, they don’t cost much and they’re an invaluable tool. This kind of measuring leads to more consistent and accurate results)

125 g (4 ozs) butter

175 g (6 ozs) sugar

2 eggs

2 mashed bananas (or 3 if bananas are small)

1 teaspoon bicarbonate soda (baking soda)

2 tablespoons boiling milk

1 teaspoon baking powder

225 g (8 ozs flour)


Grease a medium cake tin ( I use a 19cm springform pan)

Cream butter and sugar.

Add eggs, mashed bananas, then bicarb of soda dissolved in boiling milk.

Lastly add flour and baking powder, previously sifted.

Spoon into cake pan and smooth top.

Bake in a preheated 180C (350F) oven.

Remove cake from pan and cool on wire rack.

Ice with 1 1/2 cups icing sugar blended with a tablespoon of softened butter and a little milk added to make a spreading consistency



  1. A wonderful banana bread! It looks lovely.



  2. That looks great, Linda, as do your hydrangeas. I love banana chips so much. I wonder what they'd be like in the cake.

  3. We are always looking for ways to use those bananas. Love the nuts on the outside. Hydrangeas are my favourite summer flower. They do not grow in our semi-dessert climate but I was in Vancouver on the weekend and took plenty of photos.

  4. I'll close my eyes and pretend it's not bananas.
    No comment!

  5. Great looking banana cake!
    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  6. Oh this looks wonderful...I love having treasures in the freezer.
    I will have to try this...we are a bunch of banana lovers here and I always seem to have ones to bake with!
    Thanks for posting this Linda!

  7. Your backyard photos are gorgeous as is your banana cake! I hope that you are staying cool.

  8. Isn't it great to pull out something tasty from the freezer? That banana cake looks like it held up beautifully, Linda.
    And I love your photos of the swallowtails on the hydrangea - pure poetry!

  9. Sounds good and looks relatively easy to make. I'll try it!

  10. I love banana bread/cake, Linda. You made yours looks so pretty.

    I also love your flowers and butterfly photos. Isn't it always a thrill to see butterflies in the garden?

  11. First - anyone who names their blog Winos and Foodies must be checked out. Banana cakes always soothe and nourish the soul and this is no exception.

  12. ..so timely for me...I was just thinking of what to do with excess bananas I bought last week...

  13. First... Monterey, California has been shrouded with grey overcast skies. It hasn't been past 55 degrees. So, c'mon over and chill with us. Plain banana cake... eh. YOUR banana cake... I want!

  14. Its' very beautiful and looks good too!

  15. isn't that just gorgeous! Now I can't remember if I still have my super ripe bananas in the fridge of I finally tossed them (hoping they're still there)

  16. I love the way you fancified it up, nuts on the side and your little circle of dried banana's. I LOVE blue hydrangea, they don't grow at all out here, you have to put all this stuff in the soil to get any color, we just have the white ones. Do you dry them? So pretty!

  17. Love anything banana-last week I made banana nutella muffins to sell at the Farmers market...moist and decadent!

  18. Beautiful looking banana cake, and the butterflies are gorgeous as well.

  19. Sounds like a delicious way to use bananas! Thanks for the recipe

  20. Wow can't believe that banana cake was frozen. Looks delicious!
    And hydrangeas are one of my favorite blooms and how wonderful that you've got so many butterflies dropping by!

  21. Lovely banana cake, I am craving for one from time to time :-)

    Sawadee from bangkok,