Thursday, January 14, 2010

It’s Just Not Fair

HaitiBoy photo courtesy of the Red Cross

About one-third of Haiti's 9 million people may need aid following the devastating earthquake, according to the Red Cross. People who live in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere need our help.  As food bloggers and people who read about food, let’s help those who desperately need nourishment, shelter and medical care.

Beware of scams. Below are a few websites that have reliable places to donate money. Some of them overlap. Just choose a site you’re comfortable with, or donate $10 to the American Red Cross relief for Haiti just by texting  'HAITI' to 90999

Click here on CNN’s website for a list of places to donate.

Or here for MSNBC’s list of places to donate.

Or here for MTV’s list of places to donate.


Haiti earthquake, Haiti relief fund


  1. Thank you for this heartfelt post...
    it is not is horrible and they need all the help we can give...

  2. Thanks for adding your voice to the cries for help. The need is great.

  3. This is so sad. So much help is needed for the people of Haiti. Thanks for posting links to the reliable charitable organizations. We are fortunate.

  4. i felt devastated with the news. Thanks for this heart felt post

  5. I also posted about this tonight, Linda. The devastation is such a tragedy. We know people that lost loved ones. So terribly sad.

  6. Very sad... They need help, and you're right about the scamers. Every penny will help!

  7. You have to hand it to the 20-somethings - this texting-phone donations are fast and easy. If you are able, do consider donating.

  8. Thank you. I'm so glad you posted this. Laura and I also posted about the earthquake and how to help just after the news came through. It's so important for us, as an online community, to work together in any way we can when others need help since we have this ability as bloggers to reach out quickly. I hope it makes a difference for those who are suffering right now.