Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ciao Amalfi

June 2009 457

Wouldn’t you love to be here?  Me too, but the closest I’m getting for now is this postcard from Laura of “Ciao Amalfi.” A few weeks back Laura received a couple of postcards from Anne in Oxfordshire.  It seemed like a nice way to connect with another blogger whose neighborhood isn’t exactly around the corner, so I offered to send Laura a postcard from my hometown too.   Laura promptly replied that she’d be happy to send me one in return.   Little did she know I have a postcard fetish – everything from art postcards to pictures of scenic locales.  With all the ones I purchased over the years and the ones I’ve saved from friends who have traveled everywhere from Buenos Aires to Bangladesh, I’ve got hundreds.  This gorgeous scene of Amalfi that arrived in the mail the other day will now become part of my collection. 

Italy has so many gorgeous landscapes going for it, but the Amalfi coastline is surely one of the most breathtaking. I’ve been there several times, but I can never get enough of that blue Mediterranean sea lapping against the rocky shoreline, the houses stacked up along the mountain, or those narrow, twisty roads that hug the cliffs. And let’s not even talk about the fabulous seafood or the friendly people!

Even if I can’t be supping in Sorrento this summer, Laura’s blog takes me there vicariously – from her adopted hometown of Amalfi, to jaunts to Sorrento, Ravello, Positano and lots of other places in between. Laura’s an art historian and writer from the U.S., but is living out her dream as a travel writer in Amalfi, and her blog is evidence of her talent.

She posts great videos in addition to her beautiful photos and descriptive narrative. She really captures the history and essence of a place, whether it’s a religious procession by boat, the tiled floors of a church or the story behind an ancient villa.

If you’re an Italophile, and particularly one who loves the Amalfi Coast, stop by and give Laura’s blog a look. You’ll want to return over and over again.

Ciao Laura!

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  1. Boy, does that look gorgeous.
    I am sending you a postcard from Summit, New Jersey, if I can find one!

  2. Now I am on the lookout to find a postcard to send you! I will be hunting for a good one :)

  3. Ciao Linda! You are too sweet and kind! I second everything you say about the Amalfi Coast, especially the friendly people. I have had such a warm welcome here, and that has certainly been an important part of the wonderful experience living on the Amalfi Coast. I do hope you can come back again soon! You are right that I had no idea how much you like postcards! I tend to pick up odd and unusual postcards when I see them (my favorite being the ones that fall into what I have termed "The Floating Saints" series). Now that I know you enjoy them and love this place so much I reckon you will be getting more in the future! Thank you again and again for your kind words and for the wonderful shout-out for Ciao Amalfi! Grazie mille!

  4. What a beautiful picture. I would love to send you a post card from arizona

  5. I have a thing for postcards too. I collect them, and I always remind friends to send them when they travel. That's a gorgeous photo. Wish I were there!

  6. I just found her blog and it took me back to our trip there two years ago...We left here on July 2nd and returned home July 11th-loved the Amalfi coast and Capri, and stayed in an amazing place in Sorrento!

  7. Ciao Linda! My turn to post about your lovely postcard...

    Grazie mille! Buona domenica!

  8. Hello Linda..just came over from Laura's amazing this is. A beautiful postcard from Laura too!! I love reading her blog, and all about Italy..hopefully another trip there this year ..

    I was surprised to see the link to my blog on your post ...Thank now a link from Oxford UK, Amalfi, Italy and Princeton, USA...:-) :-)

    I am just reading through your blog,. you have some fantastic photos..and wow "The Meatballs and Spaghetti cake is brilliant!!!

  9. Hi Linda, thanks for calling over to my blog..:-) I have now added you to my list too....!!